Custom Designed Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints, whether it be connectors, elbows or reducers can be custom engineered for long life. There is a huge difference between our expansion joints and the competitors’ expansion joints. Our expansion joints are custom engineered for proven reduced failure, and long life.

Your custom engineered rubber expansion joint can have:


  • Single and multiple arches (open or filled)
  • Special flanges
  • Special covers
  • Special liners
  • Can utilize a complete range of elastomers and fabrics

At CEJ, we dedicate our efforts to provide quality custom expansion joints, to all of our customers. No job is too big or too small. Call us today to start the design process at 1-800-235-9259 or, feel free to email us too.


Temperature Class of Materials used in Expansion Joints



Type of Elastomer Temp. Type of Fabric Temp.
Gum Rubber up to 180°F Cotton up to 180°F
Natural Rubber up to 180°F Rayon up to 180°F
SBR/GRS/Buna-S up to 180°F Nylon up to 230°F
Neoprene up to 230°F Polyester over 230°F
Buna-N/Nitrite up to 230°F Fiberglass/Asbestos over 230°F
Hypalon up to 230°F Asbestos over 230°F
Butyl up to 230°F Fiberglass over 230°F
Butyl, Chloro over 230°F Kevlar up to 230°F
EPDM over 230°F Nomex over 230°F
Viton/Fluorel over 230°F
Silicone over 230°F  
Teflon/TFE/FEP over 230°F

List of CEJ Elastomers