Fabric expansion joints (non metallic expansion joints) can be custom engineered to your specific requirements. There is a huge difference between our expansion joints and the competitors’ expansion joints. Our expansion joints are custom engineered for proven reduced failure and long life.

We have a full range of fabric and insulation for any condition and temperatures up to 2,200F. Frames from any material in any style can be custom made.

  • All fabrics are available and designed for your specific requirements
  • Custom made for all shapes, sizes, temperatures, and gases
  • Frames are available from any material, plated or painted upon request
  • We can utilize any flanges, corners, covers, or liner designs
  • Special fasteners and other accessories available

CEJ expansion joints have the capability of absorbing large movement, are able to absorb torsion, and isolate vibrations.  Our lower design costs are extremely cost efficient for large ducting systems.

CEJ joints are resistant to high corrosion, negligible spring forces accommodates large misalignments inducting systems and the flexible element can be easily replaced.

They are designed to withstand the host corrosive gases found in flue ducting systems.  They are superior in handling thermal movements, vibration isolation and help reduce mechanical noise.  They are especially suited to installation in duct work associated with fans, scrubbers, precipitators, and baghouses.  They are well suited in breaching systems for air pollution control that are found in most industrial plants such as, but not limited to, power plants, steel mills, paper mills, foundries, chemical and glass plants, asphalt and cement plants.

At CEJ, we dedicate our efforts to provide quality custom expansion joints to all of our customers. No job is too big or too small. Call us today to start the design process at 1-816-781-3507, or feel free to email us too.